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A lifetime of Sea and Sky(s)

And so never ends the quest for the just right sea and sky painting. I have completed 2 more on this journey. Funny how I am most drawn to this subject in the cold of winter when there is only memories and photographs to draw from. One would think that I'd have learned my lesson by now. That water and light is always best painted 'en plein air'. Which is why my work becomes an abstract translation of this idea and the memories of a childhood on the lake.

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. In the summertime, my father would pack us into the station wagon and take us to the beach. Every day. Every summer. We needn't ever 'vacation' because the beach was simply part of our fiber. Certainly something I took for granted until I moved away as an adult.

I live in Pittsburgh now. But the water, the sunsets, they still call to me. In the dead of winter, I look out my studio window at hills of brown and remember the lake. It's still inside me, something I can't seem to shake just yet.

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